About Us

SP’s Wealth Hub is established by Well-Qualified & Professional Individual Ms. Savita Pillai & her staff.

We specialize in designing tailor made plans and solutions to meet our clients needs in achieving their major financial goals.

We serve more than 240 clients in Mumbai and its suburbs as well as in other metros and cities of India and many Foreign countries too.

If you wish to set a goal and follow it through for securing complete financial stability, then you are at the right place. I am her to be your guide, your friend, your financial portfolio and life advisor.

I am a completely knowledge driven person and keep myself regularly updated with the latest industry and market trends by attending training meets, seminars, conferences and online live sessions too.

I am also a motivational speaker for my mentor’s team and have also been recognised several times by my Branch Manager for the welcome and closing speech in my LIC Branch Meetings and for several other training programmes too.

What We Do

Life Insurance

You take good care of your family; provide them with good food, education and the best of everything.

Health Insurance

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people require medical care at some point or the other.

Non-Life Insurance

Your home is your most precious asset. It takes lot of hardwork, money and years to build/buy your dream home.

Income Protection

Earning wealth can be difficult. Preserving your wealth for long term use can be even more difficult.


By planning for your retirement you can continue to enjoy your current on your living standards.

Children's Future

You always tried to give the everything to your child. Then why should compromise on your child's future.

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Grow Your Investment With Us

Most people invest their money. But only few people know about the right way to invest. Investment is not just about increasing your wealth but also capital protection and reducing the risk exposure. When you partner with us for investing, we provide you 100 percent secured investment options which will not only protect your wealth but also increase your wealth and help you achieve your financial goals easily.